Devoted customers for great retailers

With Skadi's chatbots, you reach your customer at the moment when she is interested in your products or services.

With Skadi's chatbots, you reach your customer at the moment when she is interested in your products or services.

Do you want to be a part of consumers' daily lives?

We believe that the best retailers deserve loyal customers.

That is why we are committed to engaging consumers, and to finding out their needs and habits.

Skadi infotains consumers in chat environments, and recommends topics and offers that match the consumer's intent in this moment, in the consumer's current location.

Skadi's recommendations convert to sales.



Business value of a consumer's intent

A great retailer proactively catches the consumer's intent.

The user experience in Skadi's chatbots is based on  smooth conversations and relevant proposals based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The chatbots, conversational robots that run on Facebook Messenger, remember the interests and history of each consumer as an individual. The bots can advise on a variety of topics, including cultural activities, news, public transportation, and other third party content. During these conversations the bots learn how to best interact with the consumer and when and what additional offers to suggest to her, matching the intent and the situation the consumer is in.

Customer loyalty improves as the consumer is provided with information, suggestions and offers about relevant topics at the moment when the consumer is interested in them.

Brand value increases as the brand is visible when relevant, and is associated with a smooth and useful conversation. A brand is seen as adding value when offers are provided when the consumer is looking for them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is the cornerstone with machine learning capabilities. Skadi's chatbots learn the habits of individuals, as well the collective behavior, and constantly optimizes the dialogue. Responses and offers match to and ultimately anticipate the consumer's next request. AI makes the automation possible in ways that were only fiction just a couple of years back.

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Skadi's Team

Aarne Ylä-Rotiala, CEO, eCommerce changer and serial entrepreneur.

Timo Koola, CTO, renown bot author and serial entrepreneur.

Mikko Nikkanen, Chairman of the Board, mobile usability expert and novelist.

Johan Stenroth, Vice President of Engineering, experienced Facebook and agile developer.



CEO Aarne Ylä-Rotiala,, +358 40 844 3355

Skadi Oy, Pasilanraitio 5, FIN-00240 Helsinki (show map)

Business ID 2808573-9