Your 15 minutes of fame - every day, every hour

15 minutes of fame for you

It would be great to know where your consumers are and what they are doing, wouldn't it?
Offline you'll see them when they show up in your store, and with in-store tracking systems like you can form a pretty accurate picture of their movements.

Online you can follow general insight and data mining, especially for the consumers that visit your site. Predictive analytics and SEO help with that. All that is great to gain historical insight, but how does that help with your next offer, sale, transaction at the cash register?

People like to talk. We talk on the phone, we all over the place, and we listen to those we trust. We follow those who we trust, to the extent that if a trusted party recommends something, we are much more likely to believe it that.

Which brings us to the question - what are your customers about to do now, in the next 15 minutes? Where is your fifteen minutes of fame, right now? Do you know, or are you looking at the history just like a Nautilus? Those are fabulous animals, but their direction of travel is opposite to their eyes - just see
All Nautilus ever sees is the past - and that is just about the same as looking at visitor data on your site, social media behavior, search engine patterns from the past hour, day, week, month. You are looking at the rear view mirror only, and trying to find the right location.

Your consumers are on line, they are chatting, so the perfect way to find out and possibly influence them is to engage them and match the consumer intent right now, to give an offer when it matters, to make the most of the next 15 minutes.

This is possible with the help of Skadi bot system, whichprovides the tools to identify the next 15 minutes for your business. Skadi does that by letting chat bots know about the topics where you can help consumers so that your offerings can be brought up with people who are looking for it right now.
What would be a better opportunity to help your customer than the moment they are asking for your product or service?