Skadi CreditWorthy: Changing the lending market to an instant, automated business

Skadi CreditWorthy provides a quick and efficient lending process based on data and automation. It changes the mortgage market to an instant, automated business.

Skadi CreditWorthy provides a quick and efficient lending process based on data and automation. It changes the mortgage market to an instant, automated business.

Offering a mortgage is manual, expensive, and annoys the customer

At present, mortgage and consumer loan processing is manual. Banks employ a lot of human staff to request and process consumer information, and to make mortgage decisions. The manual process is a considerable cost factor – and because it is slow, it also provides a bad user experience for the consumer!

Opportunity: Changing the mortgage market to an instant, automated business

Why not offer a mortgage or loan contract right away, based on data that is gathered and analyzed automatically, using the customer’s electronic identification?

  1. Request the customer only to give the price of the apartment to be bought

  2. Automatic processing takes care of the rest

  3. The efficiency of bank employees is greatly improved

Naturally, the financial situation of some customers will not enable making an offer without a personal discussion, but the efficiency in handling those customers is also improved. These customers get information about the biggest risks regarding the mortgage right away, and can be guided to easily book a meeting with a finance expert.

Skadi CreditWorthy offering: Speed, cost efficiency and customer delight for lending, without additional risk

Skadi CreditWorthy is a back office analytics tool that enables banks to offer mortgages and other loans in minutes, and to automate their processes to save cost. CreditWorthy automates the collection and analysis of data as input for credit scoring. The analysis is not visible to the consumer – it supports the bank’s process in the background.

CreditWorthy’s analysis process is fully transparent and auditable. Thus, it adds no risk for the bank. The analysis is based on the applicant’s account transactions (using PSD2 AIS APIs), and material about e.g. guarantees. The CreditWorthy architecture supports user experience improvements in mortgage handling for users of the bank’s services

Product description and features: Skadi CreditWorthy

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) package for credit and mortgage application analysis

  • Reads, processes, analyzes, and summarizes an applicant’s finances based on comprehensive PSD2 API data

  • Includes also processing of relevant documents, such as housing certificates and pay slips

  • Delivers analysis results to bank’s workflow via integration endpoints

  • Supports compliance and process audits

    • Complies with the regulated mortgage procedures and processes

    • Audit trail about each recommendation – what data was used, and which process rules applied

During autumn 2019 Skadi will also release a free consumer solution, which provides a one-off analysis of income, spending and availability to pay, based on account transactions. The consumer solution highlights the capabilities of CreditWorthy also for lenders.

Make your mortgage offers instant and automated

Here is how to get started with Skadi CreditWorthy.

  1. Try CreditWorthy for free for 7 days by contacting Skadi’s CEO Aarne Ylä-Rotiala at +358 40 844 3355, or at

  2. Decide on production deployment.

  3. Deploy and start production use.

Account transaction analysis

  • Profile the loan applicant’s spending profile

  • Check the loan applicant’s income

  • Instant results with no manual work

Document analysis

  • Save time by machine reading more than 70% of e.g. your housing certificates and pay slips.

  • Saved time is approximately 30 minutes per document.

  • CreditWorthy points out the documents that require human attention. The others, a sound majority, simply end up as data in your databases or tools.

Skadi CreditWorthy architecture.jpg



Skadi is a privately held software company, established in 2017. Its services automate finance processes based on manual work. Skadi is licensed to offer in the EU the CreditWorthy account information service which gives consumers a free analysis of their availability to pay. The company also helps pioneering finance and technology companies in Central and Northern Europe to save costs and to improve their customer experience using machine learning and automation.

The Skadi CreditWorthy offering is based on extensive iterative study and validation of the opportunities in the mortgage business domain, and on reverse engineering several credit scoring models.

The Skadi team are:

  • Aarne Ylä-Rotiala, CEO, SaaS pioneer and serial entrepreneur.

  • Timo Koola, CTO, renown programmer, bot author and serial entrepreneur.

  • Mikko Nikkanen, Chairman of the Board, usability expert, real estate investor and novelist.



CEO Aarne Ylä-Rotiala,, +358 40 844 3355

Skadi Oy, Pasilanraitio 5, FIN-00240 Helsinki (show map)

Business ID 2808573-9