Engaging sales conversations as a service

Do you ...

  • Have Facebook presence and customer base?
  • Provide great customer service?
  • Want to engage your customers deeper and individually?
  • How about Messenger, can you respond, help and close sales 24x7 there?

Why don't you take advantage of Skadi's Chatbot as a Service?

Experience the benefits of instant messaging yourself and get in touch with Skadi -  Aarne Ylä-Rotiala, aarne@skadi.chat, +358 40 844 3355.

Benefits of Skadi’s chatbots

  • Additional revenue and better margins through a new sales channel
  • Discovers the consumer’s intent - high conversion rates
  • Individual consumer experience through automated dialogue
  • Engage consumers by being there when they have a need
  • Smooth and effortless setup and operation
Skadi creates sales conversations that engage users.

Skadi creates sales conversations that engage users.

Retail is changing

2017 is becoming one of the biggest retail closure years in decades. However, eCommerce is expected to grow 45 % over five years, and mobile users are moving towards chat-based services. Over 60 % of consumers would even feel comfortable talking to a chatbot, yet only 20 % have done so. Also, consumers largely choose where to shop based on entertainment options.

The above create an opportunity for retailers: by being where the consumers are, retailers can engage consumers. Including chat as a sales channel, and making it efficient and fun to use, makes sense – but how to create an individual experience for the consumer at a reasonable cost?

Engage your customers in conversation

Skadi creates electronic, entertaining shops as a service on Facebook Messenger. With Skadi’s chatbots, each consumer can be treated as an individual, without adding customer service personnel. The smooth dialogue and relevant proposals in the bots are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With Skadi’s bots, the retailer reaches consumers when they are interested in products or services. This leads to high conversion rates. Items on sale can be e.g. electronics, household apparel, mobility services, lunches, event tickets, holiday trips, mortgages. Retailers get a high value sales channel with high customer engagement and satisfaction. The catch is offering and proposal relevance.

Conversational commerce as a turnkey service

Conversational commerce is an effective way to sell in a chat environment. Chatbots carry out conversations and make pertinent proposals based on user interests and behaviour. It is like chatting to someone on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, but that someone is automated, i.e. a chatbot, and can serve 24/7. Chatbots are especially well suited for clearly focused conversations.

Skadi provides all this as a service so that the retailer can concentrate on the main business instead of building technology. The deployment is risk and hassle free: the service offering includes initial setup, maintenance and operation of the bot, and requires only minimal input from the retailer. All the retailer needs to do is tell its customers about the bot!

Skadi creates first conversations to engage users. Campaign related conversations on select topics are developed separately.

Get your automated sales conversations going: contact Skadi's CEO Aarne Ylä-Rotiala, aarne@skadi.chat, +358 40 844 3355